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White and Clear BOPP Labels

(BOPP) Biaxially-Oriented Polypropylene, is a film that is made of polypropylene that has been “biaxially oriented” meaning that the film has been stretched in two different directions. BOPP film has become one of the most popular, high growth films in the world and is widely used in the label printing.

With the large amount of products that deSIGNery offers it’s customers, there is always room for more. Items are constantly being thought up and the key to finding new items is by combining money-saving with convenience. This is always bringing us to always think on our toes, or rather on our rolls! I'm talking about our roll labels! We offer many different stickers available on rolls but we are here to talk about our newest roll label which is Clear and White BOPP Roll Labels!

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At we have more than 29 years experience in designs for our Clear Labels. Call us today and let our design specialists help create your next project to promote your product or business.

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Clear Labels | custom roll labels

Custom clear labels have always been a super popular item, and now they are available with more convenience and easier to keep track of. When stickers are supplied on a roll, they are easier to store, keep track of, and keep organized. Clear roll stickers are great for just about anyone, any company, any use, any product, they are quite the “everything you need” sticker.

The largest size that our clear stickers are available in is 16 square inches. This means you can have a size of a square be 4” x 4” or a 2” x 8” rectangle. Custom sizing leaves room for any size specific combination you may need. Aside from custom sizing, we also offer stock sizes. Stock sizes are based on the most popular sized sticker people will normally order. Using a stock size for your order can save you time and money.

Our custom printed clear & white BOPP roll labels have a number of options available. When your company is trying to meet a specific look, price, feel, and reaction, the options we offer on our custom clear roll labels are sure to please.

White polyethylene Roll Labels

For a small additional cost on your clear roll labels, we offer: Overlamination, which gives your sticker a layer of protection and keeps it looking brand new longer, and color matching for those specific colors your company uses in its logo.

We have many different stock spot colors available that you can use to print your company logo, information, and purpose. You can use up to 8 different colors on one sticker! Each additional color is an additional cost to your sticker. The less colors the more money you will save on our competitively priced white BOPP roll stickers.

Custom Clear Non-Paper Labels

These custom transparent stickers supplied on a roll can be tricky sometimes, just as any other transparent sticker. We do recommend that you always use white behind your choice of colors because if you don’t, the color may alter when applied to some colored surfaces. Your reds may look brown or your blues may look green. Having white printed behind the color you want, will ensure its true colors when applied to any surface.

We also offer these custom see-thru roll stickers printed with 4 color process. If you have an image you want to use on the sticker, the 4 color process is the way to go. Instead of having to use 6 different spot colors, you can use 4 color process to lower the cost of each sticker. Text is still recommended to use as spot colors so the text is easy to read.

Custom transparent labels supplied on rolls are very convenient. They are easy to use, fun for children, great as handouts, inexpensive, and still custom. These stickers are flexo printed and are only recommended for indoor use. The uses of these sticker are endless and are so much better now that they are offered on a roll when large amounts are necessary.

It’s easy to find out if these clear roll labels are going to be convenient for you. All you have to do is visit us on our Contact Us page and request a free sample. A free sample will allow you to have a physical clear sticker that you can see exactly if it will work for you and your company. Free samples are available to help you make a good decision and in the end, save your company money which is very important these days. You may find yourself having to cut corners here and there, but with advertising, these roll labels will still give your company everything you need. Contact us today and start saving! Request a free quote if you have an idea on what you would like your personalized clear roll labels to look like.