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deSIGNery Signs has been designing and selling Face-Slit Bumper Stickers for more than 29 years.

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Custom 2-in-1 Bumper Stickers

The statement “more for your money” has been a statement around for many years. There are so many products offered in this world that it seems almost everything claims that even if it is a standard offer. “More for your money” is a way to get people’s attention and in the end, not really offer those customers anything truly special, or “more for your money”.

With this specific product, Face-Slit Bumper Stickers, you may be wondering why we are portraying the saying “more for your money”. Read below for a simple example as to why this product will give your company “more for your money”.

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At deSIGNerySigns.com we have more than 29 years experience in designs for our Face-Slit Bumper Stickers. Call us today and let our design specialists help create your next project to promote your product or business.

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Bill was easy to work with, responsive, committed and the finished product (corporate window stickers) looks amazing! 10/10 would recommend them. Thank you!

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Custom Printed face-Slit Bumper Stickers

Your management team is focusing on advertising a new product. Bumper stickers come to mind. Your team puts together figures for bumper stickers and then thinks that having a smaller more convenient sticker will work as well. Your team figures out the cost for a bumper sticker and a similar smaller vinyl decal. The cost is way too high for two different products that are basically the same thing. Your team decides to pass and look at other company's offers.

OUR SOLUTION: Two separate bumper stickers on one liner! Don’t let your management team stray. Our company provides these nifty bumper stickers that are two-in-ones! These 2-in-1 bumper stickers are one solid piece but have two products in one. The vinyl bumper sticker is a 10” x 3” or 10” x 3.75” with an additional vinyl decal that is 1.5” x 3” or 1.5” x 3.75”. These custom bumper stickers are face-slit. Face-slit means that the vinyl decal can easily be peeled away from the liner without the bumper sticker being disturbed.

Custom Face-Slit Bumper Stickers

Our face-slit bumper stickers are very competitively priced and are guaranteed to be winners by your management team and customers. Our high quality white vinyl material is used with pressure-sensitive adhesive. This material can withstand all weather conditions and outdoor elements and is sure to last. UV inks are used so the fading of the print is minimal over time.

By purchasing our custom face-slit vinyl bumper stickers you are definitely getting “more for your money”. This novel concept is seen true with this product and can only create a stronger and broader customer base for your company. These bumper stickers are great for schools to show team spirit, honoring honor students, admiring the great teachers or to even display the school’s greatest attributes. Businesses can find these two-in-one bumper stickers great for advertising their services at great prices with the small decal displaying simple contact information. People will stand behind great companies and won’t hold back to brag about you.

2-in-1 Bumper Stickers

If you aren't sure just how great these 2-in-1 vinyl bumper stickers are, feel free to request a free sample from our contact us page. Free samples give you a physical sample of exactly what this product is. You can test it out, play around with it and see how durable it is. Our experienced staff is ready to give you great suggestions if you are stumped on what to display on the stickers themselves. We see many different types of layouts and ways to display different types of information. We will never hesitate to help you out. Contact us today for these amazing two-in-one vinyl bumper stickers and start getting “more for your money” today!