Tuf-Cal™ Stickers

deSIGNery Signs has been designing and selling Tuf-Cal™ Stickers for more than 22 years.

Outdoor Durable Tuf-Cal™ Stickers

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Tuf-Cal Overlaminated decals

deSIGNery Sign Co. screen-prints your custom decals using UV inks for lasting color even in the direct sun. We can cut your Tuf-Cal™ decals to any size that your project calls for. The below example is a good representation of what the uses are for laminated decals. These overlaminated stickers will be going on a relatively smooth surface but need to be protected from the constant abrasion from the public and from cleaning.

New for 2017 NO Price increases this year on Tuf-Cal™ stickers!

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I needed a new vendor for some unique glow-in-the-dark stickers - previous vendor had gone out of business. After shopping around online, I found the deSIGNery Sign Company. I worked with Bill on our design and budget - he came thru with a good price, beating the competition - and on delivery - an AWESOME sticker. The sticker has so much more glow-in-the dark-ness than the previous sticker! My customer is very happy with the sticker and I am very happy with deSIGNery Signs! Thank you Bill and deSIGNery Signs!

Jayne - Advanced Design Corporation
Lorton, VA

Custom Laminated Decals

Tuf-Ca™ Overlaminated White, Yellow, or Clear Stock is recommended where the application requires high performance. The imprinted vinyl or polyester is covered by a Clear Polyester Overlaminate, a protection for decals second to none. Materials are supplied with permanent, pressure-sensitive, acrylic adhesive. Custom laminated decals are also furnished with split backing.

Uses for custom vinyl stickers with lamination

Whenever you have a decal that will be going on a relatively smooth surface and will be in constant handling, cleaning, or rubbing from the public or from other obstacles, there is a need for laminated vinyl stickers.

Some examples would be on a door where something to the lettering "PUSH HERE" would be the text, organizational binders where they are constantly rubbing each other when taking them on and off the bookshelf. We have sold them to exercise gyms to put on equipment where there is constant friction between clothing and decals. Many hospitals and nurserys have purchased them because of the ability to hold up under the constant cleaning.