Tamper Evident Stickers

deSIGNery Signs has been designing and selling Tamper Evident Stickers for more than 22 years.

Outdoor Durable Destructible Stickers

Images of our Tamper Evident Stickers
Images of our Tamper Evident Stickers

Destructible Decals | Tamper evident stickers

Everyone wishes we could trust everyone. Truth is it’s literally impossible. There will always be that one person that will try to test the system. There is honestly no better feeling then to see criminals fail. Harsh? Yes. Wrong? No. Protect your company’s products and high price items by having a special formulated destructible sticker on your products that cannot be transferred or removed without the evidence that they have been tampered with.

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I have used Designery signs A few times now and each time I use them they exceed all my expectations . Their work is second to none and I will definitely be using them again in the future.

Dwayne Greenwood
Huntington, TX

Custom Printed Destructible Stickers

deSIGNery introduces our top quality Tamper-evident Destructible Decals, available in white and clear vinyl. Custom destructible decals can be used by anyone for anything. They are great for electronics that have been inspected, guaranteed, warranty specific items, authentically programmed computers and serviced machines. Although destructible stickers are indeed self destructing, they are also very intricate. These stickers need at least a full 72 hours to completely secure their adhesive to the surface they were applied to. This is a period in which the adhesive needs to cure so that when the sticker is tampered with, it won’t just be easily peeled off. This period is very critical and the item it is applied to should be watched closely.

Tamper-Evident Destructible White & Clear Vinyl Decals

A few companies that would find custom destructible stickers useful would be larger businesses that operate in an office. There are so many items that have working parts that have to be inspected, serviced, and followed through on warranties. It is important that the destructible stickers are placed in a visible area for employees, visitors and technicians to see. Some of these items that the tear off stickers can be used on would be printers, copy machines, computers, fax machines, large machine equipment and many more. Protect your office equipment with custom destructible stickers, offered with many options and competitive pricing.

If you are curious about this product and if it is a good investment for your business, contact us immediately for your free sample of our high quality destructible vinyl decals. All of our samples are from overruns of other orders and can even maybe give you a different idea on what you can use the tear off sticker on. Visit us on our contact us page for your free sample request and while you are there, send in a request for a free quote. Our friendly and talented staff will provide you with the highest level of customer service and will offer professional advice without hesitation. We want you to feel fully comfortable in the Tamper-Evident Destructible White & Clear Vinyl Decals that you are going to purchase.