Outdoor Durable Roll Labels

deSIGNery Signs has been designing and selling Outdoor Durable Roll Labels for more than 22 years.

Outdoor Durable Roll Labels

Images of our Outdoor Durable Roll Labels
Images of our Outdoor Durable Roll Labels

Decals & Stickers on-a-roll

Let deSIGNery introduce this product to you that offers convenience, saves time and money, ease of use, and great quality. This product is our custom screen-printed roll labels. These adhesive labels aren’t your ordinary paper roll peel off stickers. These custom labels are a very durable vinyl material with a permanent, pressure-sensitive adhesive. Consistent labeling has been made easy with our custom screen printed roll labels.

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I needed a new vendor for some unique glow-in-the-dark stickers - previous vendor had gone out of business. After shopping around online, I found the deSIGNery Sign Company. I worked with Bill on our design and budget - he came thru with a good price, beating the competition - and on delivery - an AWESOME sticker. The sticker has so much more glow-in-the dark-ness than the previous sticker! My customer is very happy with the sticker and I am very happy with deSIGNery Signs! Thank you Bill and deSIGNery Signs!

Jayne - Advanced Design Corporation
Lorton, VA

Roll Decals

Many companies will find these roll labels convenient, because of the fact that they are supplied on a roll. They can also be applied to objects that will be outside. These stickers pull together the great quality of vinyl decals with the convenience of them being on a roll. This makes it easy for you to know how many stickers you have left because they are all in one place. Now you no longer need to worry about scattered stickers lying around your shop.

So many companies would find these screen printed roll labels are very convenient. For a lumber company, labeling your product is a sure way for your customers to know where they receive their project supplies from.

Durable roll labels are great to be used as safety precaution warnings. You can apply them to signs in public areas, doors and windows, and walls. Electrical, plumbing, and cable companies will find that applying their custom sticker to your window will be much easier and efficient when using the high quality roll labels.

Roll Labels | Roll Stickers

The screen printed roll labels are safe to use outdoors and will withstand weather conditions. The ink is UV ink which will slow down the fading effects from the sun, therefore making your stickers look great and last longer. The roll stickers are available with 3 different types of material. White vinyl, yellow vinyl, and clear polyester are the materials available, along with face printing applications.

Also available are gold roll labels and chrome polyester roll labels to create a look that will stand out. This pricing may vary, so we advise you to contact our customer service for a free quote. The size is custom so that it will fit perfectly for what you will use them for. If a more detailed layout is needed, using a photograph or many colors, we offer 4-color process printing, which will enhance the look of the print if a photograph or many colors are used. Pricing for this option will also vary.

FREE Samples

deSIGNery is here to help with your next project. Free samples and free quotes are always available for your convenience. Contact us today through our contact us page. Customer friendly sample and quote request forms for custom stickers on a roll are available for making communication quick and easy. Change your way of labeling today by using deSIGNery’s custom screen printed roll labels!