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deSIGNery Signs has been designing and selling Prismatic Stickers for more than 22 years.

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The search is on. Your company is in need of a sticker that is fun, creative, energetic, spunky, and bright. As you sit and wonder what kind of sticker this may be, we have already found it. This is a sticker that shows creativity on a whole new level. Kids and adults alike will find these stickers fun and catchy.

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Custom Prismatic Glitter Stickers

We give you, Custom Prismatic decals. What are they? They are stickers that have 3 different types of characteristics. The first we have is Prismatic Glitter. The prismatic glitter sticker looks just like glitter was thrown all over a sticker. This effect gives the glitter sticker some character and really lets your company, well, glitter! It’s a fun way to help kids to do their chores, reading, brushing their teeth and do their homework. It can also be a sticker for your company advertising. Scrap booking stores, craft stores, or even for normal businesses specializing in a certain item and you just want a fun way to get your name out there. It will work no matter what!

Custom Rainbow Prismatic Stickers

Our second prismatic decal is the prismatic rainbow. The custom prismatic rainbow sticker has the effect of a reflection but in color. It is a smooth surface that has different color glares behind the text. It is a relaxing type effect, great for resorts, hotels, casinos, vacation homes, restaurant bars, and even zoos. It’s a cool and calm affect and brings your custom sticker to a whole new level. They are also fun for kids. A great sticker for dentists and doctors to send home and also schools can pass out as homework reminders. There are many different ways you can customize the prismatic rainbow sticker, the sky is the limit!

Custom Printed Prismatic Mosaic Decals & Stickers

Lastly, our third prismatic decal is the prismatic mosaic. The mosaic is similar to the glitter but has a different effect. It almost shows the effect of a 3D sticker but not quite. It’s little diamonds in the background flicker in the light and gives a depth to your text. This is a very creative sticker that would also be great for craft stores and other creative works of art. The prismatic mosaic custom printed sticker does best with a white outlining to your text in order to help them stand out above the mosaic effect.

All custom prismatic decals are completely one of a kind. You pick the size with your text and color. Creating a prismatic decal can be very fun with the different types of effects they have. Since their effects are so distinctive, you want to take that into consideration when deciding the font and colors. Bolder colors will do best and a white outlining to help everything stand out. If you are worried about it looking okay or it being readable, our talented staff is ready to help you with that. We have looked at prismatic decals for a long time and know what works best and we won’t hesitate to offer suggestions.

FREE Sample of Prismatic Decals | Prismatic Stickers

Are you curious about what these stickers really look like? Send in a FREE sample request and we will send you a sample of these prismatic stickers so you can see exactly how neat they are! Please keep in mind these stickers are not intended for extended outdoor use and are recommended for indoors. They do have permanent, pressure sensitive adhesive so they will stick where put. Enjoy them and have fun! They are sure to help your company stand above the rest and look great!