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Custom Point-of-Purchase Posters

Every business can benefit from giving something back to their customers. Especially now, customers are looking for deals to save themselves money, which ultimately will bring your company more business. There are many ways your company can do this, but where do you start and with what type of advertising product? deSIGNery has a full line of great point-of-purchase posters that help put great deals and promotions right in front of your customers which let them know what your business has to offer them.

Point of purchase custom posters are great to display in your business no matter what type of company it is. The posters can display upcoming benefit events, games and tournaments, and many other fun events. They can show your company promotions you are having and your upcoming buy one get one promotions.

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Posters Easels

deSIGNery Sign Co offers a full line of Point-or-Purchase products to help our clients with their advertising needs. One of our popular and economical items is the poster easels. Our sturdy cardboard easels come in one size only and are only sold with the purchase of posters. Posters sold separately.

Easels provide a sturdy method to display your point-of-purchase posters. Take-One boxes are also available. Each product is an additional price to the posters

No. 391 double wing poster easels Made of heavy cardboard with locking tabs. Applied to poster and shipped folded flat. Minimum order of 50 easels mounted on 50 posters.


Images of our
Images of our

Brochure Holders

One of our popular and economical items is the clear vinyl self-adhering brochure holder boxes. Our take-one flyer and brochure holder boxes come in three convenient sizes to handle most countertop brochure holder requirements.

If you have your own poster design and are looking to use them as a background message for your brochures or flyers, this clear take-one box will do the job for you. They are self-adhesive and install easily and quickly. Brochure boxes and easels are only sold with the purchase of our posters.


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A+ BBB Rating

BBB Member since 2004 with a proven record of complaint free customer satisfaction on items like Custom Point-of-Purchase Posters. Click on the BBB logo above to check our record or leave a customer review. If you are in the market for Posters, give us a call today and you will soon realize why after 23 years we still have an A+ BBB rating!

23 Year Experience

At we have more than 23 years experience in designs for our Posters. Call us today and let our design specialists help create your next project to promote your product or business.

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Custom Posters

deSIGNery’s point of purchase custom poster signs are printed using 4 color process for a vibrant and clear colored photo. Your image is printed on a sturdy 50 point white board that is sturdy and can be applied in many different ways to many different surfaces. These posters are intended for indoor use only.

We offer a selection of sizes that are some of our most commonly requested sized posters. Our largest size is a 22” x 28” which is great for displaying a good amount of information about an event without making it too difficult to read. Museums and libraries can use these posters to let parents know about events for kids such as reading times and kid related information at museums. Our other five sizes gradually go down in size to our smallest being a 5 ½” x 8 ½”. The smaller sizes are great for those announcements that you don’t need to be too loud about but rather just informative. Event sign ups are important and people need to know where and how to do that. So for your next event sign ups, order deSIGNery’s P-O-P Posters to let them know how easy it is!

Point-of-Purchase Posters

Also available for purchase to help you showcase your professional and cost efficient Point-of-Purchase Posters, we have poster easels to help prop up your poster and also “take one” adhering boxes for take away flyers. You can call or email us for pricing on these additional items.

If you are not sure about these advertisement posters and if it is the exact advertising tool your company needs, you can visit us on our contact us page to request a free sample. It’s quick and easy and this way you do not have to dedicate yourself to a ton of one product that may not be what you thought it was. If you have a design idea, email us for a free quote also so you have an idea of what price you are looking at. These posters are fully custom made by you with your creativeness. Let your imagination and professionalism bring customers into your company with deSIGNery’s point of purchase posters.