Fold Over Posters

deSIGNery Signs has been designing and selling Fold Over Posters for more than 22 years.

deSIGNery Fold-Over Posters

Images of our Fold Over Posters
Images of our Fold Over Posters

Fold-Over Posters | custom yard signs

deSIGNery’s fold over posters are easy to design, simple to order, quick to ship, easy to assemble and, most importantly, look fantastic.

We all find ourselves saying “there just aren’t enough hours in the day”. Well, deSIGNery agrees. We are always looking for new ways to save you your money making hours for making money. Fold over posters are super convenient due to the fact that there isn’t much you have to do. They ship flat with scoring so that they are easy to fold for those important double sided posters. The white, weather-resistant poster board is resilient to outdoor elements and continues to look great as they spend their hours making you money.

New for 2017 Now available in Full Color!


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I have used Designery signs A few times now and each time I use them they exceed all my expectations . Their work is second to none and I will definitely be using them again in the future.

Dwayne Greenwood
Huntington, TX

2-Sided Outdoor Posters

These double sided yard signs don’t mind spending their hours in the sun. They don't get sunburned or tan, wrinkles or freckles. Yes, they are not human so of course these things can't happen to them. But, with low quality materials and kid-coloring inks, they can.

deSIGNery will never use low quality materials and cheaply applied inks. Our inks are UV inks. UV inks are used to scare our inks that are thinking about fading. Fading is not allowed and we stay true to protecting them as long as possible. Some inks such as fluorescent inks may fade quickly, but please ask us before requesting the fluorescent colors. Our custom outdoor poster board will stay strong and flat, stand tall and clean.

Fold-Over Posters

Many different companies can use fold over posters. All you need is an idea and an audience. Politicians, pet stores and clinics, schools, real estate, pool cleaners, house cleaners, landscapers, retail stores, and libraries. The custom fold over posters are created from your design and become real and useful once produced. All our 2-sided fold-over signs require to assemble is to fold, staple along sides and insert frame! Frames? What frames?

Our steel wire poster frames are necessary to display your fold over posters correctly and sturdily. Frames are not included in the pricing of our custom fold-over outdoor signs. Fold-over poster frames are available in 4 different sizes.

Remember when designing your next order of fold over posters, who is your audience? Who are you trying to reach out to? There are so many options available with fonts, pictures, designs, colors, you name it, by the time you are done designing your custom double sided poster, it will be a one of a kind and a winner.

If you are not sure on how to design or what colors, our talented staff has seen many of these orders and knows how to make it work. Just a couple of your ideas and we could offer some jaw-dropping designs to get your business or interest booming. Contact us today for a free sample of this material and a free quote. You won’t be disappointed with our custom out-door signs. We have something for everybody for every time for everything!