Polyethylene Signs

deSIGNery Signs has been designing and selling Polyethylene Signs for more than 22 years.

deSIGNery Polyethylene Outdoor Durable Signs

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Polyethylene Signs

There is nothing more perfect than a material that is as versatile and professional as a polyethylene sign. Polyethylene plastic signs are durable and weather resistant and can be applied to may different surfaces and in many different ways. The plastic material is used to make signs for many different companies and for many different reasons. It is also a less expensive alternative to other materials on the market.

Polyethylene signs are weather resistant in rain, shine, snow and more. It is resistant to chemicals and is thin enough to where it can be applied with a staple gun to wood and other soft surfaces. Although the material is only .055” thick, it still will not crack, peel or chip. The screen printed ink used on the polyethylene plastic signs are UV inks so that even the print will look like new for longer than just a couple weeks. Your signs will look brand new years down the road when properly taken care of.

New for 2017 Now Available in Outdoor Durable Reflective Materials!


Square Cornered Polyethylene Signs

Square Cornered Signs
No. 324 6" x 3"
No. 326 8" x 4"
No. 320 12" x 8"
No. 322 18" x 12"
No. 323 24" x 18"
Round Cornered Polyethylene Signs

Round Cornered Signs
No. 318 6" x 3"
No. 319 8" x 4"
No. 3128 10" x 7"
No. 3129 14" x 10"
Octagon Shape Polyethylene Signs
Special Shape Signs
No. 3131 12" x 12" Octagon
Triangle Shape Polyethylene Signs
Special Shape Signs
No. 3132 11.75" x 12" Triangle
Round Shape Polyethylene Signs
Special Shape Signs
No. 3133 12" dia. Circle
Shield Shape Polyethylene Signs

Special Shape Signs
No. 3135 9.75" x 12" Shield

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Poly Signs

deSIGNery poly signs are available in many different shapes and sizes. But in order to save you some time and money, deSIGNery has stock shapes that are most commonly requested.

These sizes include poly signs that have square corners, round corners and even common special shapes such as octagon, circle, triangle and shield.

Many different options are available with the stock sizes such as colors, text, graphics, logos and more.

Polyethylene Signs

These Polyethylene signs are great for fence signs to warn possible intruders and to keep areas safe. The polyethylene signs can also advertise for different lumber companies and decking companies. Additional features such as color matching, copy and color changes, back imprint, and adhesive tape are available at additional costs. We also offer hole punching so that if you plan to attach the sign to a fence or other surface, it will be an easy process for you.

Polyethylene signs are very versatile and offer a clean and professional look for your business. If you are not sure about this product, you can always request a free sample of the polyethylene plastic sign material so that you know exactly what the item is and if it will work for your company. We also offer free quotes so that if you would like to know what price you are looking at, the quote can give you a more firm idea on cost.