VInyl Parking Permits

deSIGNery Signs has been designing and selling VInyl Parking Permits for more than 22 years.

Parking Permit Stickers

Images of our VInyl Parking Permits
Images of our VInyl Parking Permits

Parking Permits | back adhesive

deSIGNery Sign Company is a supplier of high quality custom screen-printed parking permits.

Pressure-sensitive white vinyl and reflective decals are screen-printed for durability, and consecutively numbered with 7/32", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4" or 1" numbers numbers to make your parking permit numbers more visible, and your parking easy to control.

New for 2017 Noe Available in Reflective Material!


Vinyl and Revlective Parking Permit No. 397

3 1/2" x 2 1/4"
No. 397 White Vinyl
No. 797 White Reflective
Vinyl and Revlective Parking Permit No. 401

4 3/4" x 23/4"
No. 401 White Vinyl
No. 801 White Reflective
Vinyl and Revlective Parking Permit No. 443

4 1/4" x 2 1/4"
No. 443 White Vinyl
No. 796 White Reflective
Vinyl and Revlective Parking Permit No. 463

3" x 2"
No. 463 White Vinyl
No. 785 White Reflective
Vinyl and Revlective Parking Permit No. 464

3" x 2"
No. 464 White Vinyl
No. 786 White Reflective
Vinyl and Revlective Parking Permit No. 461

2 1/2" diameter
No. 461 White Vinyl
No. 783 White Reflective
Vinyl and Revlective Parking Permit No. 462

3" x 3"
No. 462 White Vinyl
No. 784 White Reflective

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Automotive Parking Permits

Parking permits can be used just about anywhere for any company or organization. Parking lots that use restricted parking spaces, reserved or company specific will find that parking permit stickers are the way to go. deSIGNery’s Square Cut Parking permit stickers are made from high quality materials and are printed using UV inks to help prevent fading. These white vinyl and reflective parking permit stickers are convenient for security, employees, and even emergency vehicles. To keep things more organized for your company, we offer consecutive numbering on all of our parking permit decals. Numbered municipal parking stickers are convenient for relating numbers to employees or students names, or even relating the number to parking spaces at apartment complexes.

Square vehicle parking permits work well for schools, libraries, government departments, corporations, hospitals, private buildings, and gated communities. The parking permits come in a few different sizes and layouts, printed with your company’s information. There are two different materials available for these parking permit stickers.

Municipal Stickers

Our parking permit stickers give you the option of having consecutive numbers or not. Some companies don’t need the numbering; making the parking permits more like a parking pass. Parking passes are convenient for gated communities or parking garages at hospitals and courthouses. An example of a company that would find the consecutive numbering convenient would be for work trucks for city or construction departments or apartments. The consecutive numbering is available to be your choice of white or black.

If you are interested in this product but aren't sure which material would be best for your use, our company can send you a few FREE samples. Visit us on the Contact Us page to request those samples and while you are already there, email us for a free quote on your custom design for our square cut clear static and polyester parking permit stickers!