Square-Cut Parking Permits

deSIGNery Signs has been designing and selling Square-Cut Parking Permits for more than 22 years.

Parking Permit Window Decals (square cut)

Images of our Square-Cut Parking Permits

Parking Permits | window face adhesive

deSIGNery Sign Company is a supplier of high quality custom screen-printed municipal stickers & parking permit decals.

Transparent Polyester and Static Cling have adhesive or static on face of decal for application on inside of window.

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Parking Permits Window Face Adhesive

Face Adhesive Parking Permit No. 601

2" x 3"
No. 601 Clear Polyester
No. 701 Static Stick
Face Adhesive Parking Permit No. 602

2" x 3"
No. 602 Clear Polyester
No. 702 Static Stick
Face Adhesive Parking Permit No. 603

3" x 3"
No. 603 Clear Polyester
No. 703 Static Stick
Face Adhesive Parking Permit No. 604

3" x 3"
No. 604 Clear Polyester
No. 704 Static Stick
Face Adhesive Parking Permit No. 640

3" x 3"
No. 640 Clear Polyester
No. 740 Static Stick
Face Adhesive Parking Permit No. 645

3" x 3"
No. 645 Clear Polyester
No. 745 Static Stick
Face Adhesive Mini-Parking Permit No. 4047

1 3/4" x 1 3/4"
No. 4047 Clear Polyester
No. 4048 Static Stick
(Black Numbering Only)

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We ordered custom calendar strips for our employees and clients. We are very happy with the finished product! Bill was very helpful throughout the designing process. Will definitely use them again!

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Automotive Parking Permits

Parking permits can be used just about anywhere for any company or organization. Parking lots that use restricted parking spaces, reserved or company specific will find that parking permit stickers are the way to go. deSIGNery’s Square Cut Parking permit stickers are made from high quality materials and are printed using UV inks to help prevent fading. These transparent parking permit stickers are convenient for security, employees, and even emergency vehicles. To keep things more organized for your company, we offer consecutive numbering on all of our parking permit decals. Numbered municipal parking stickers are convenient for relating numbers to employees or students names, or even relating the number to parking spaces at apartment complexes.

Square vehicle parking permits work well for schools, libraries, government departments, corporations, hospitals, private buildings, and gated communities. The parking permits come in a few different sizes and layouts, printed with your company’s information. There are two different materials available for these parking permit stickers.

Static Cling Parking Permits

Clear static cling material makes application and removing a breeze! Little force is needed to remove the static cling and won’t leave any sticky residue because static clings do not have any type of adhesive. These static cling parking permits are supplied with face cling so that it can be applied to the inside of the vehicle and be read from the outside. This feature makes these the ultimate parking permit! Having it inside the vehicle keeps it from being tampered with and even stolen.

Clear Municipal Stickers

The second option for material is clear polyester. These are also supplied with face adhesive so that it is able to be applied to the inside of the vehicle. The clear municipal stickers does have adhesive so that it can stick more aggressively to the inside of the vehicle’s window.

The square cut municipal parking permits are 3” x 3”. We also offer a 2” x 3” that can have either horizontal or vertical printing. Just like our white vinyl and reflective parking permits, we offer a mini parking permit available on clear static cling or clear polyester. This mini parking permit is a 1¾” square and is supplied with face application.

Our parking permit stickers give you the option of having consecutive numbers or not. Some companies don’t need the numbering; making the parking permits more like a parking pass. Parking passes are convenient for gated communities or parking garages at hospitals and courthouses. An example of a company that would find the consecutive numbering convenient would be for work trucks for city or construction departments or apartments. The consecutive numbering is available to be your choice of white or black.

If you are interested in this product but aren't sure which material would be best for your use, our company can send you a few FREE samples. Visit us on the Contact Us page to request those samples and while you are already there, email us for a free quote on your custom design for our square cut clear static and polyester parking permit stickers!