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deSIGNery provided us with a product we could not get from another long time vendor. Customer service was great, as was the quality of the product.

Erika B. ~ Riley, Kansas

Lenticular 3D Products

deSIGNery Signs has been designing and selling custom Lenticular 3D Products for 20 years

Many people might cock their head just a bit when you suggest a product called lenticular. We have done all the research on this product so that you don’t have to!

There are many words that can describe the effect lenticular products have. Some of those words might be: cool, neat, fun, new, interesting, classy, and even professional. Lenticular products have a way of catching the eyes of anyone, especially the younger crowd.

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Lenticular Bookmarks
    · 1-1/2" x 6" No. G5021
    · 2" x 6" No. G5022

Lenticular Business Cards
    · 2-1/8" x 3-3/8" No. G5001

Lenticular Post Cards
    · 4" x 6" No. G5005

Lenticular Rulers
    · 1-1/2" x 6" No. G5011
lenticular 3D printing samples
All Lenticular Printed Products are available in 5 styles of printing

Lenticular products are better known as 3-D products,three dimensional products. As you twist the item and view it from different angles, different images and/or words will appear. The different images appear to have depth to them as if they were either sinking or popping out of the surface. This is done through a special type of printing called lenticular printing, which allows more than one image to appear on a single surface. This type of product has been spotted as surprise gifts in children’s snacks, movie posters, kid’s toys, movie covers, memorabilia items, notebook covers, and many more. This type of printing has become such a popular sensation that it is used on just about everything for anyone to enjoy.

We all tend to find the kid inside of us when we come across a lenticular or 3D item. No matter what, most of the time we pick them up and the fidgeting begins. We find the technology fascinating, and the curiosity of how such an item is created arises. There are a few different ways of printing lenticular products and now, I think, is the best time to explain them.

There are 5 different effects that these products can pull off. Although they all have similarities, they all have different ways of displaying your custom information.

The 3-D effect is created by taking a few different simple images to create one whole image to be seen at one time. This will give the simple effect of some images sinking into the surface while other ones seem to be popping out at you. This type of image works great for items that will be applied to a flat, fixed surface. The Flip effect is done by taking two or three different images and making them quickly change from one to the other simply by tipping the product. This effect works great for before and after pictures, new item promotions, and simple advertising.

The other 3 effects are all related. There is Animation, Morph, and Zoom. The animation effect shows motion, for example, a flying bird or water waves in the ocean. Morphing is like transforming one thing into another. It is popular to see this on movie posters and movie cases where, for example, the good guy transforms into the bad guy and vise/versa. Finally we have zoom. Zoom is an effect where an image starts out small and seems off in the distance, and then with slight movement and different viewing angles, the image starts to get closer and larger.

These are all amazing effects when it comes to advertising your merchandise, company, and even personal announcements.

The lenticular design is available on a few different products. These products will catch a potential client’s eye, or even become your child’s new favorite school desk supply.

Custom three dimensional Post Cards

Every businessman knows just how important professional business cards are. deSIGNery is letting you be the creative one with our new custom lenticular business cards. Create that flashy design for the face of your business card and have the backside imprinted with your custom information and/or message. Professional business cards give your potential clients a sense of comfort and reliability. With lenticular business cards, they not only give a professional clean appearance, but a look of intelligence and create professional flare. These business cards are great for retail stores, restaurants, and for small or large companies at business tradeshows.

Custom printed Lenticular Rulers

An every day item that is always needed…Rulers! Rulers are useful at the home and corporate office, schools, and are convenient for small home projects. Custom lenticular rulers can be used by any company to promote a business and to keep customers coming back. Computer stores, education supply companies, hardware stores, museums, libraries, recreation centers, zoos and many more, are all companies that will find these eye-captivating rulers draw attention to their company. The backside can be imprinted with your custom information and message. Children will want to use them at home and school which will help spread the word about your business.

3 Dimensional Bookmarks

Bookworms, Listen Up! Here’s a cool way for school and public libraries, book stores and all schools to keep them reading. Travel agencies, airlines, hotels and resorts will find that providing a convenient and fun item such as custom lenticular bookmarks will wow your customers and will help them to remember you in the future. Reading is a popular activity to do while flying, driving (passenger of course), relaxing at home or on vacation. Reading is also a known activity for students. Bookmarks come in handy for many reasons and in many occasions. Catchy bookmarks, such as our custom lenticular bookmarks, are sure to leave a lasting impression on your current and future clients. Don’t forget… custom information and messages are always available to be printed on the back.

Custom 3D Postcards

Custom printed 3D Post cards will always be a popular item when it comes to new companies, new products, real estate companies, local businesses, and for any small or large company looking to expand their client list. Post cards are easy to mail, hand out at conventions and tradeshows, corporate meetings and even neighborhood meetings. deSIGNery’s custom lenticular post cards are fun and creative, and show a bit of a personal impression to your targeted crowd. The back can be imprinted with a postcard type set up for mailing, or can remain blank for a more personal touch when used as handouts.

No matter what your company or purpose, you can customize these products to best fit your needs. Because this product may seem a bit more complex than others and you find yourself with a few questions about them, don’t worry. Our company strives for nothing but the best customer service that will help you with every part of the ordering process. If you are looking for something simple and need a few ideas, we do offer a few lenticular stock designs that will save you time and money. A perfect background that will help your logo and/or message to pop out at the slightest movement. Visit us on our Contact Us page today for requests on more information, free quotes, and free samples. If you have an idea and just aren’t sure where to go with it, we will help you find that perfect way to help your company stand out above the rest with our unique custom lenticular products.

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