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deSIGNery Signs has been designing and selling Truck Door Decals for more than 22 years.

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Images of our Truck Door Decals
Images of our Truck Door Decals

Vehicle Graphics | equipment decals and stickers

Hard working companies are always looking for professional ways to advertise their business. If your company uses nothing but the best and highest quality products, there should be no reason to lower your standards when it comes to advertising your company professionally.

Labor intensive companies such as electricians, plumbers, roofers, cable providers, construction workers, framers and more should understand that hard work always pays off. More often then not, these types of companies will always use company vehicles. Sometimes they are personal and sometimes company owned. No matter which, it is a great way to advertise your company with our truck door decals.

New for 2017 Full color and custom shapes now available!


Images of our Wavy Rectangle Truck Door Decals #991 in spot color
18.5" x 12.25" & 24.5" x 16.25"

No. 991 Spot Color or 4CP
Images of our Rectangle Truck Door Decals #992 spot color on yellow vinyl
18.5" x 12.25" & 24.5" x 16.25"

No. 992 Spot Color or 4CP
Images of our Ribbon Truck Door Decals #993 one color on white vinyl
18.5" x 12.25" & 24.5" x 16.25"

No. 993 Spot Color or 4CP
Images of our Oval with Box Truck Door Decals #994 with one color on chrome polyester
18.5" x 12.25" & 24.5" x 16.25"

No. 994 Spot Color or 4CP
Images of our Oval Shape Truck Door Decals #995 2 colors on White Reflective Vinyl
18.5" x 12.25" & 24.5" x 16.25"

No. 995 Spot Color or 4CP
Images of our banner with box Truck Door Decals #996 with 3 colors on White Vinyl
18.5" x 12.25" & 24.5" x 16.25"

No. 996 Spot Color or 4CP
Images of our Shield Shape Truck Door Decals #997 in four color process
18.5" x 12.25" & 24.5" x 16.25"

No. 997 Spot Color or 4CP
Images of our round shape Truck Door Decals #9917 or #9918 with 2 colors on white vinyl
12" & 18" Diameter
No. 9917 12" Spot Color or 4CP
No. 9918 18" Spot Color or 4CP

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Most Recent Testimonial

I needed a new vendor for some unique glow-in-the-dark stickers - previous vendor had gone out of business. After shopping around online, I found the deSIGNery Sign Company. I worked with Bill on our design and budget - he came thru with a good price, beating the competition - and on delivery - an AWESOME sticker. The sticker has so much more glow-in-the dark-ness than the previous sticker! My customer is very happy with the sticker and I am very happy with deSIGNery Signs! Thank you Bill and deSIGNery Signs!

Jayne - Advanced Design Corporation
Lorton, VA

Custom Printed Vehicle Decals

Your company can choose either white or yellow vinyl, clear or chrome polyester, and even a reflective material. That’s five different types of materials for your company to choose from. Our materials are suitable for outdoor use and can stand harsh weather conditions. UV inks are used to prevent your vehicle stickers from fading quick and keep them looking brand new longer.

We also have our car door stickers available in a couple different sizes. These sizes are easy to apply and are basic popular sizes. Medium size is 18 ½” x 12 ¼” or 12” diameter circle and Large size is 24 ½” x 16 ¼” or 18” diameter circle.

Don't forget to order your matching shape hard had decals making it simple to identify every piece of equipment used in your business.

Hard Hat Decals are available on white vinyl, yellow vinyl (spot color only), white reflective, transparent polyester and can also be 4-color process printed.

Not just for hard hats, use these matching hard hat stickers for identifying all your company tools and equipment.

Company Vehicle Door Stickers

Simple text and bold colors are easy to read from close standings and far standings. You can have a one color on yellow vinyl or a two color on white vinyl. There are so many options available you are sure to create a one of a kind design. Spot colors are great for simple text, but if a picture or multiple colors are required, we also offer 4 color process on our company vehicle door stickers.

Special cut door decals make your decals look fully custom and add a creative spark to your company’s information. Advertise clearly and brightly with our custom truck door decals. If you aren't sure which material will be best for your company, contact us for a free sample. Just visit us on our Contact Us page and request a sample through a simple form. You will receive a sample of the specific material you request and you can even test it out. Our company vehicle door stickers are easy to apply and remove and will last you for years. Reorders are quick and simple when company information may change. With so many different options available it may be overwhelming at times. There is no need to worry because we will help you decide which will be best and offer suggestions where information is important. Contact us today for your free sample and free quote.