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deSIGNery Signs has been designing and selling Chrome Polyester Decals for more than 22 years.

Outdoor Durable Chrome Polyester Stickers

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Custom Chrome Decals | Chrome Polyester Stickers

You can easily go with white or yellow vinyl, but why go with plain when you can add style and a professional appearance to your companies sticker needs? Chrome has always been an eye catching finish.

We see chrome everywhere as accents on vehicles, appliances, electronics and many other high end objects. If you want your company to stand above others, then deSIGNery’s custom chrome sticker decals are a perfect fit for you!

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We ordered custom calendar strips for our employees and clients. We are very happy with the finished product! Bill was very helpful throughout the designing process. Will definitely use them again!

Savannah Tribley
Hamilton, Bermuda

Chrome decals

Custom chrome decals are flashy and a cost efficient way of adding style to the decals you use to tag service equipment such as air conditioner units, office copy machines and any other type of machine that requires service.

Chrome decals are durable and suitable for outdoor applications & equipment use!

These decals don’t just have to be for service related items. Chrome decals can be used on vehicles and motorcycles, advertising decals handed out at show events and conventions. Due to their high end appearance, your company is sure to stand out above the rest.

Custom Chrome Stickers

deSIGNery’s custom chrome stickers are made of a polyester material with permanent pressure sensitive adhesive. These stickers are sure to look exceptional on any surface and are guaranteed to look great for many years. The ink used on the chrome sticker is a UV ink which will prevent the ink from fading quickly like many stickers do that you see today. UV ink keeps the decal looking brand new and will also save you from having to order new stickers year after year which will save you time and money.

So many options are available for your customer chrome stickers that it will be one of a kind, just for you. You company logo and information is displayed on any size decal. Whether you need a small sticker or a larger sticker, it is your choice! Does your logo have specific company colors? No problem. We are able to match specific colors at a low cost. The sky is the limit and you are your own designer. If at any time you are not sure what will look good or need help deciding, our design team is here to help. A simple layout can be eye catching and easy for viewers to remember.

Our company is here to help! Free samples are available for our customer chrome polyester decals. The samples come from overruns of previous jobs done. The variety of samples we have shows the versatility and many different ways that these specific customer stickers are used. A physical sample of a chrome sticker can help you decide whether or not this product will work for your needs. Contact us today on our contact us page and request a free sample and even a free quote while you are at it. Send in your information today so we can help catch the eyes of your future customers!