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Adhesive & Magnetic Calendar Pads

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2018 Point-of-Purchase Calendar Pads

Most companies find that convenience and professional advertising are a few of the main factors in having a successful business. Owners and managers don’t want to have to spend hours on any one specific matter. Convenience is able to provide them with more time to spend with current and future clients in order to grow the success of their company.

When advertising is the matter at hand, what company wants to have to spend a whole meeting to figure out something so simple? Sure advertising isn’t something that can just be done overnight, especially when you want it to have a professional appearance. That is where we come in. deSIGNery not only provides you with high quality products, but with products that are professional and convenient! Calendar pads are one of the most popular requested products. Every company, office, house, school, etc. needs calendars. Calendar pads have come a long way from being very simplistic, to now being a convenient advertising key.

Beat the price increase! Pre-order your 2018 calendar pads before November 2017 and save!

New for 2017 NOW Available in 4 Color Process!

PRICING & SIZES - Spot Color

No. 7112 Magnetic
No. 7214 Adhesive

No. 7114 Magnetic
No. 7212 Adhesive

No. 7116 Magnetic
No. 7216 Adhesive

No. 7118 Magnetic
No. 7218 Adhesive

No. 7122 Magnetic
No. 7222 Adhesive

No. 7124 Magnetic
No. 7224 Adhesive

No. 7126 Magnetic
No. 7226 Adhesive

No. 7111 Magnetic
No. 7213 Adhesive

No. 7113 Magnetic
No. 7211 Adhesive

No. 7115 Magnetic
No. 7215 Adhesive

No. 7117 Magnetic
No. 7217 Adhesive

No. 7121 Magnetic
No. 7221 Adhesive

No. 7123 Magnetic
No. 7223 Adhesive

No. 7125 Magnetic
No. 7225 Adhesive

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We ordered custom calendar strips for our employees and clients. We are very happy with the finished product! Bill was very helpful throughout the designing process. Will definitely use them again!

Savannah Tribley
Hamilton, Bermuda

2018 Calendar Pad Magnets

Custom adhesive and magnetic calendar pads provide your company with various types of layouts and sizes, with options of a custom topper to the calendar, your choice of colors, text and logos. The calendars are standard 12 months with your choice of a 3 month or standard calendar tear-off pad. They are printed with 4 color process to provide great colors and display awesome details. These custom calendars are produced with the highest quality materials in order to provide your customers with a quality product that makes you and your company outshine the rest. Order your 2018 calendar pads today!

Our custom adhesive calendar pads have an adhesive type decal for the top portion of the calendar which is where your custom information will go. The adhesive backing provides convenience for the calendar to be placed just about anywhere. They can be applied to various office equipment including plastic equipment, wooden cabinets, glass, and other non-ferrous materials such as aluminum. They can also be applied to drawing boards for quick access during meetings and presentations.

Adhesive Backed Calendar Pads

Although the custom magnetic calendar pads can only be applied to one type of surface, it does not mean they are any less convenient. Magnets are constantly being seen and used everywhere. In the office, magnets can be conveniently placed on filing cabinets and shelving alike. At home, magnets can be placed on refrigerators. Sure they can be placed on other objects, but these are the two most commonly used places for magnetic products. The custom magnetic calendar pads will be easy for your customer to place at work or home and have readily available at any time. The top portion of the calendar, where your custom information goes, is a magnet. This magnet is a high quality product that is about .019” thick. You may be thinking that this is an awfully thin magnet and how can it provide any convenience to us. The answer is simple. Since this product is intended for indoor use only, the magnet is thin and light-weight, making it easy and simple to send out in mailers. Having a thin magnet also makes it easy for your customers to remove and reapply the magnet with ease. Magnets are fun for everyone and the custom magnetic calendar pads are convenient for anyone!

2018 Custom Calendar Pads

Many companies find the custom magnetic and adhesive custom calendar pads very convenient. They can be handed out at conventions and meetings, school and church gatherings, or just easily as an advertising tool to your clients. Libraries also find these convenient to keep out for the convenience of their readers; students having to meet deadlines and parents having to keep up with schedules. Real estate companies use custom calendar pads to mark important dates down for their buyers or sellers. Flower shops use magnetic calendar pads to help remind their customers of those special days to order flowers. Magazine companies use custom calendar pads to remind their readers of sports seasons and election dates. Doctors can hand out these 2018 custom calendar pads to help them remember their next scheduled office visits.

2018 Adhesive Calendar Pads

With there being so many possible uses for custom adhesive calendar pads, all you need is a little idea, and we can turn that light bulb into an amazing advertising tool. With a professional eye, we strive to give your company the best looking products that will best suite your needs. If your company is looking for new ways to grab your surrounding community’s attention, then look no further than this great product.

Magnetic Calendar Pads for 2018

If you are not quite sure if this product will work for your company, do not hesitate to request a sample. Samples of all our products are available so that you have a better idea and physical product that will help you make your final decision. Visit us on our Contact Us page and request a free sample of our magnetic calendar pads today. While you are there, go ahead and request a free quote as well! Nothing will make your next meeting easier than to have a physical sample and price quote readily available to propose for your next professional based advertising tool!