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deSIGNery Sign Company is a supplier of high quality custom screen-printed point-of-purchase Auto Ads, Dealership Names, Automotive Dealer Decals.

Auto dealer name plate stickers are available in Chrome, Brushed Chrome, Reflective, and Clear Polyester.

New for 2017 Now Available in Brushed Chrome!


6" x 1.5"
No. 760 Brushed Chrome
5.813" x 2"
No. 034 Chrome
No. 134 White Reflective
5.644" x 1.867"
No. 031 Chrome
No. 131 White Reflective
5.75" x 1.875"
No. 030 Chrome
No. 130 White Reflective
5.573" x 1.388"
No. 032 Chrome
No. 132 White Reflective
5.793" x 1.912"
No. 035 Chrome
No. 135 White Reflective
5.791" x 1.912"
No. 036 Chrome
No. 136 White Reflective
5.733" x 1.865"
No. 040 Chrome
No. 140 White Reflective
5.81" x 1.907"
No. 039 Chrome
No. 139 White Reflective
5.766" x 1.82"
No. 041 Chrome
No. 141 White Reflective
5.701" x 1.873"
No. 054 Chrome
No. 154 White Reflective
5.573" x 1.388"
No. 233 Clear Polyester
4" x 2"
No. 055 Chrome
No. 155 White Reflective
4.5" x 2.125"
No. 056 Chrome
No. 156 White Reflective

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We ordered custom calendar strips for our employees and clients. We are very happy with the finished product! Bill was very helpful throughout the designing process. Will definitely use them again!

Savannah Tribley
Hamilton, Bermuda

Auto Ads

Small dealership? No problem! Here is a way for you to mark your vehicles before they leave your lot. Available with many options, our company has a very affordable way for you to advertise your company on the vehicles your customers purchase. deSIGNery Auto Ads are 100% custom with your company’s information printed on them. These decals are available in these high quality materials:
•  Chrome text and border with black, green, red, or blue background
•  White reflective text and border with red background
•  Brushed chrome text and border with black background
•  Clear polyester background with black, red, or white text

These beautifully printed dealership decals are printed with UV resistant ink, which will provide you with a fade resistant decal for many years. Because of the longevity of our auto dealership name plates, we can save you significant time and money. This will insure you that your company is still being noticed many years down the road. Not sure how our automotive dealership stickers will look on your cars? Again no problem! Our company provides our customers with a look at some free samples. Visit us at our contact us page and request a free sample. Have an idea? Send us a file of your layout or artwork and one of our sales associates will work with you on getting the perfect product for your needs.

These auto dealership decals are not just for new car dealers, we have custom made these for used car dealers, motorcycle shops, golf cart shops, bicycle shops, and off-road quad dealers.