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Appointment Cards with Removable Sticker

Images of our Appointment Cards
Images of our Appointment Cards

Appointment Cards | Reminder Cards

Every customer of yours has a busy life. It is not a hard thing to forget when there is an appointment that needs to be taken care of. Calendars keep us on track and usually important things are written in for certain days. With these business cards with removable stickers, you almost make life easier for your customer. Simply writing in the little area what time their appointment is for so they can place this removable sticker on their calendar on the correct day. There is no need for the customer to write it in their calendar.

New for 2017 Now Available in 4-Color Process!


No. 5968 Square Kiss Cut
No. 5971 Circle Kiss Cut
No. 5972 Heart Kiss Cut
No. 5973 Bone Kiss Cut
No. 5974 Tooth Kiss Cut
No. 5975 Bear Kiss Cut
No. 5976 Glasses Kiss Cut
No. 5977 Large Rectangle Kiss Cut
No. 5978 Foot Kiss Cut
No. 5979 Car Kiss Cut
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We ordered custom calendar strips for our employees and clients. We are very happy with the finished product! Bill was very helpful throughout the designing process. Will definitely use them again!

Savannah Tribley
Hamilton, Bermuda

Appointment Cards | Reminder Cards

Every place of business has business cards. It serves as a reminder for people that need quick access to your phone number or address. If you are a business that requires people to have appointments, these custom appointment cards with peel-off stickers are just the right type of cards for you.

When make an appointment with your customer, just fill out this convenient business card size appointment card. (2" x 3½")

Choose from one of our standard labels shown below or email us that special shape that your next project requires. Die are included in prices for stock labels shown below.

The customer now has the appointment information on the card and matching label.

Remove label and apply to calendar or planner as a convenient reminder.

How convenient is that! Order yours today..

Custom Appointment Cards

Also, this is a business card, customers will be holding onto it so they have a quick accessible way of getting their appointment date if they are not near their calendar. Since your phone number and address already appear on the card, it is also easy for your customer to let others know about your business with this handy custom appointment card.

Appointment Reminder Cards

Seeing the custom shape of the dog bone or the tooth on their calendar will grab their attention and give them a quick reminder of the appointment. This little Appointment Business Cards with Removable Label is a sure way to know that your customer will be there for their appointment.

Appointment cards are Flexo-printed on White Self-Adhesive Card Stock with a Kiss-Cut-peel-off label for use as a convenient reminder. Choose up to six standard colors for your.

Contact us for a sample of this handy appointment card used by dental offices, doctor offices and just about anybody that sets up an appointment for their clients.